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This is out last Up all Night with Mac and Travis Radio Show!, June 19, 2010
Its the "Mad as Hell" call in show! Travis calls in from a secret location. Lots of News, Show Notes and Blues Music. Listener Call-in from Breeze & AZ Racer. People just Arnt that Busy...
The Twilight Zone Show, May 15, 2010. What started out as a good idea, crashed and burned. But we had a good time anyway! One word - "Tuna".
Mothers Day Show, May 8, 2010
Just Another Show, May 1, 2010
The M & M Boys, April 3, 2010. Mick Shane begins his fill in for Travis.
Travis last show for a while, March 20, 2010. Travis has been deployed overseas for a year, this is his Final Show for 2010.

The Buzz, March 6, 2010, Show starts off with a Big Buzz, New Affiliate, Travis’s 14 year old daughter on her first date, Be the Best Stripper, His daughter in Playboy, Classic Woman - Elizabeth Taylor, Featured Artist – Mark Kerr, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/markkerr1, Hook up the Phones, More Buzz, Cougars Everywhere, 45 year old men – Lions, Legion of Old Men, You 20 something punks are in my space, Call to Action, “Once you go Mac you never go back”,  1st Annual Mac and Travis Do Do Awards, Big Winner – Best Chatbox Banter – Jdogg, Who is cooler – Mac or Travis, Wheaties Box, Female Teacher Bang’n Students, The Buzz is back, 40 year old Penis Growth, Why don’t humans have tails?

Guest: Todd Sheets, Feb 26, 2010. In-Studio Legendary Horror Film Director and Producer & Host of Nightwatch - Todd Sheets, We discuss his life since conception and Movies, Zombies, Ghosts, UFO’s , Abduction, 2012, and life in Kansas City.  www.nightwatchradio.com

3rd Annual MnT Beach Party, Feb 20, 2010. Broadcasting from the Sheraton Kayai Resort Hawaii, Travis returns after 3 weeks off, Beach Party, Travis talks about his win of the Trout Fishing Tournament, Pictures of his Fish, Little Boy is Listening, Babe of the Week - Denise Milani, Hot New Music from Zed Head - http://www.myspace.com/zedheadrock , Hawaii not smelly, KC 13th Most Miserable City, Call in Guest - Sister Mary Evelyn - Nun and Aspiring Standup Comedian, Holy Smokes, She is 89 & Her Car 43, Woman with Fish, The Olympic Suck, Travis and his Wife Meets in the Bathroom, Toilet Talk, Farmville, Travis returns to the Adult Alternative Club, Lick the Spot. 

Feb 13, 2010, The Valentine Special. Travis is gone so Mick Shane is the Guest Co-Host. Also sitting in is Becky.
After some Buzzing, things get roll’n, E-Cards are Romantic, Fetish Fun with Knife, Babe of the Week - Aiden Starr, Reporting “Live” from the Olympics is Roger Duke and Interviews a Russian Coach. Billboards Top 50 Sexiest Songs, New Wonder Bread, Cougar, Teachers showing Breasts, Crab Legs, Woman love Porn! 

Jan 30, 2010, Guest Co-Host Blues Curzer. Travis is at a Fishing Tournament, so we have a Guest Co-Host Blues Cruzer.  Mac and BC explore the Kansas City Blues Scene.  www.myspace.com/bluescruzer , Farmville and Fishville, Strip bar and Blues Clubs, Things we learned this Week, Pants on the Ground, Russian Haircut, Gwenie the Dog talks on air, Olympics Figure Skating sucks, Give Gwenie gets a Biscuit, New Mac and Travis Promo, SVG thinks Mac is a Stud, Computer Trojan from Tweeter Pics and Not Porn Site, Jesus on a Coconut, Night Fire, Susan Sarandon Spanking a Pig, Guitar for the Birds, Onion News, 20 questions for Blues Cruzer, The ABBA woman, Webcam People looking an Empty Chair, Tim Hawkins Comedy, Mac plays his favorite - Rhiannon , Blues Cruzer KC Blues Scene. Sexy Babe of the Week - Divini Rae, Artist of the Week – Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, Kansas City Artists Featured. Richard Lee Wilson - Website , Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band - Website , Levee Town - Website , Trampled Under Foot - Website

Jan 23, 2010, The Least Worst of Mac and Travis. With Travis gone for National Guard Training, Mac pulls out some old bits of the show. Also some hot blues - rock music!

Jan 9, 2010, A Titanic Talk Show! Missing in Action, 2012 is coming – Buy Paper Matches, Webcam shows Travis on Fire, Travis fellow Construction Workers are Gay, More Alternative Lifestyle Club Talk, Mark Martin Bobblehead, Toilet Paper Sculpture, Farmville, Farmville, Farmville, Sexy Babe of the Week - Natasha Kizmet.  http://www.myspace.com/natashakizmet , Artist of the Week – Driving Wheel  http://www.myspace.com/drivingwheel  , Mick Shane Rock Show kicked Mac & Travis’s Ass in Football Pick’m, Global Warming in Wyoming, Interrogation of Travis, Both kinds of music – Country and Western, Travis’s homemade Beer,  Ask Mac and Travis – we answer listener questions, Very weird sex talk, Older woman have issues, Who was in the Eagles, Tiffany with a big rubber, Jesus on a Banana, Christmas Tree rocketry, Fly Cows, Massive white dwarf may go supernova, Husker Snuggy, Kari Byron gets another award! 

Jan 2, 2009 - Business, Mac had to work New Years Eve had no fun, GI Party, Travis & Ms T’s adventure at an Adult Alternative Lifestyle Club, Admiral Nelson, Catholic School Girl Outfit & Stripper Pole, Announcement of 2009 Sexy Babe of the Year – Kari Byron, Artist of the Week – Sandy Mack http://www.myspace.com/sandymackband , More Adult Alternative Lifestyle Club, What we learned this week, Chatbox People Hammer Mac, Color your hair, Fake Tan Lotion on your Penis – Gold Member, Mac wakes up to a wild world, Bong Guitar, Bike vs Motor Bike, Porn Cookies, Redneck Water Ski, Masturbation is ok, Travis brings in his Homemade Beer, NASA to Join Nascar, Stevie Nicks Picture Discs, Kill the Snowman, Hot Weather Chick, Device turns Thoughts into Speech, What goes on in the Mans Head…











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